The best smartphone vendor in the World

Posted by Kresnaep on Saturday, August 6, 2011

     According to the results of research conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), Apple re-crowned as the world's largest smartphone vendors. From the data that was recently released IDC reported that smartphone shipments in the second quarter this year reached 106.6 million units, an increase of approximately 64.4 million units compared to the same quarter last year.

Well, Apple noted that the amount of gain market share with 19.1% delivery rate of about 20.34 million units of smartphones. As a result the achievements, Apple went on to become the top vendor with largest volume of sales of smartphones in the second quarter of this year.

      "Success is achieved by Apple can be directly attributed to the distribution (more than 200 operators in over 200 countries), increased production capacity, and solid demand in emerging and developed markets, both consumers and business users," IDC said.


     Other smartphone vendors such as Samsung succeeded in occupying the second position with a market share of around 16.2%, followed by Nokia at the third position with 15.7% market share. The RIM is in fourth position, which stood at 11.6% market share, while the HTC, which stood at around 11.0% market share occupied fifth place with a vendor's smartphone sales figures ever.

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