Features in iPhone 5 Warning earthquake

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, August 26, 2011

      Recently Apple will introduce new features for iPhone 5 japan version. This feature is designed to facilitate users in knowing the warning when an earthquake will occur. Actually, an earthquake-detection feature has become a common feature in the local phone. However, for imports of cell phones, the feature never before.

   Apple made ​​cell phone manufacturer, gives warning to users who use custom ring tones are active even though the handset has been set to silent mode. Of course this feature is very useful for iPhone users 5.

       The workings of this feature is a warning will be sounded when the earthquake occurred. As we noted earlier, Japan is a country that has an early warning system against an earthquake of the most advanced in the world. A national online system was launched in 2007, including an earthquake early warning via mobile.

     The service is active based on the early signs after the earthquake, namely the small vibrations that move faster than the building that later tremor itself. Based on the user's distance from the epicenter, the user is possible to get a warning for 90 seconds or several minutes before the earthquake actually occurs.

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