The iPhone has sent pre-production testing results to the operator.

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, August 5, 2011

     One media-based newspaper The Guardian in the UK ie, through an editor of technology news that the iPhone 5 have been sent to several mobile operators. It was reported several days ago.

    Sources of media newspaper The Guardian named Charles Arthur stated that they had heard from sources in the mobile operator who told him that a black box sealed a five-sided iPhone has been sent to multiple operators. It is intended that the results from testing the iPhone 5 have been in review by the operator. iPhone 5 to appeal the new iPhone lovers who over the years has increased the quality.

     iPhone 5 days ago has been sent to the operator. Apple's latest smartphone shipments to the carrier intended for final testing before the smartphone is entering the phase of production. So the iPhone 5 will begin to enjoy the iPhone lovers around the world.

     If it is news about the pre-production iPhone 5 is true, then it is not impossible if the iphone 5 will start circulating in the near future, Regarding the price of the iPhone 5 still has not been around because it's currently only in pre-production process. For that we'll wait.

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