Amazon Kindle, Amazon's latest gadget

Posted by Kresnaep on Tuesday, September 6, 2011

     News of the Amazon to bring the tablet computer has presented the real truth. In the near future, Amazon products will be circulated in the global marketplace. Tablet computers made ​​by the Amazon is going to be named the Amazon Kindle the exact name of the digital book reader devices.

Amazon Kindle
     According to news circulating, the look and size similar to the BlackBerry Playbook. Tablet computer is a 7-inch touch screen and use the capacity that supports multi-touch input. This tablet computer using the Android Operating System. However, Android Operating System that is used is different from the others. Display main screen Cover Flow on a carousel-like software on Apple computers, which will display applications, videos, books and others.

      Other services available in tablet it is Google, Android Market, Amazon's Android AppStore. Features of electronic book readers like the Kindle is an application on Android or in the IOS. Music player is the Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon Instant Video Player for playing videos. Internal storage capacity of 6 GB.

      Most likely this tablet computers will begin to circulate late November, with a relatively cheap price of U.S. $ 250. According to some media estimates that Amazon will sell up to 5 million computers this tablet. If successful with this tablet computer, Amazon will launch its 10-inch version. we wait for the Amazon Kindle presence in Global markets.

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