Nokia Champage, with the Operating System "Tango"

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, November 11, 2011

Nokia Champage

In a few days ago, revealed Windows Phone Nokia mobile phone called the Lumina 710 and Lumina 800. This was revealed at the event Nokkia World in London. Actually there is one more Windows Phone Nokia smartphones are still not at the reveal, but has been circulating in a large number of media in cyberspace.

The phone is touted named Nokia Champage, Reportedly the phone will run Windows Phone version 7.10.8711 which is believed to be Windows Phone 'Tango'. A number of media itself has discussed the virtual world of the impending presence of operating system Windows Phone Tango since a few days ago. Many media mentions that the operating system Windows Phone Tango would be present for adoption by smartphone that target low-end segment.

Even so, there has not been established on the Windows Phone Tango that will become a platform for smartphones in the low-end segment and could be the news or the presence of Windows Phone tersebuat will only be a stepping stone from Mango version to the next version of Phone Apollo. Stay visit this blog to get the latest news updates and developments of this Windows Phone.

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