Samsung Released the Latest Fashion Phone, Samsung Wave Y Lafleur

Posted by Kresnaep on Monday, January 30, 2012

Samsung Wave Y Lafleur

     Samsung's been long enough to 'forget' product series fashion phones, Lafleur, known to be targeting women. But it seems the manufacturer from South Korea observed re-introduce this model phone, which is even reported to have been sold in the Ukrainian mobile market.
       Is the Samsung Wave YS5380 Lafleur, who detected emblazoned on online shopping sites in the former Soviet republics. There are beautiful dilego Wave Y in figure 165 USD. When you see the detailed specifications of Wave Y Lafleur was not much different from its functional side with the original version.

      But if you see a design concept and offered ornaments Samsung Wave Y
Lafleur is arguably fun. Here were treated to cover the body attractive, which certainly suited for the ladies. What's more is approaching Valentine's Day, which it was fitted be present for the couple. For information, Samsung Wave Y is also known as Samsung Wave538, which is a phone Bada 2.0 with 832MHz CPU.

      Until now there has been no official information about the availability of the Samsung  Wave Y Lafleur outside Ukraine. Only, we hope that the future can be found in the global market.

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