ADzero, the latest Android phone made ​​of wood

Posted by Kresnaep on Thursday, February 2, 2012

      A student from England managed to design a smartphone with an unusual design. Not made from fiber, plastic, or aluminum, the body of this unique smartphone designed using bamboo.
      Smartphone known as ADzero that according to information reported by droid-life, is said to be on display at a trade show. By the environmental community smartphone is expected to slide some time in 2012 this.
     If judging from its size, the smartphone with this rare design, looks like most Android phones available today. Even at first glance, looks like HTC Thunderbolt ADzero. One thing that also draw from this is a smartphone, though looks heavy because of using bamboo as main material, but reputedly claimed Adzero lighter than the iPhone.
     Unfortunately, the details of software and hardware environment-friendly smartphones is not yet available. However, this smartphone will likely run Android as the operating system.
     The question is, how ya about this smartphone price tag when it arrives on the market? Is quite expensive, or vice versa?

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