Android 4.0 Beta ROM for Xperia, Very impressive!

Posted by Kresnaep on Saturday, February 25, 2012

       Sony Mobile has launched the Android 4.0.3 ROM for some of its Xperia series such as the Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray. On this version of the GSM network and radio functions are able to walk, which means users can call and receive calls and surf the web via the browser. Only, WiFi and Bluetooth function is not active.

    In the Beta version of this ROM features are present the new lockscreen, which still allows to control the music player and camera. Even later in the final version of the ROM will also be included similar facial features are unlocked in the Galaxy Nexus. Another feature is the ability to send SMS messages automatically at a specific number that we reject when phoning. As well as quick dial feature better.

   Unfortunately, the ROM version 4.0.3 Beta is no facility to insert the default Google apps like GMail, Google Maps, Android Market and others. But it seems that these features will be present in the final version later. A new look at the screen for multitasking and notifications are available, which will allow it to be removed simply by sweeping the screen.

    For the current ROM is available on the website Sony Mobile. To install the user is required to unlock the bootloader, which means that its Xperia phone will not be able to download the final version of the ROM. So go ahead if you want to try it, at his own risk.

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