Apple will reportedly launched iPad with Smaller screen, Curious?

Posted by Kresnaep on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

     Apple along with the suppliers are reportedly working on a new tablet PC. Unusually, tablet-based vendor in Cupertino, known as the iPad, according to a report quoted by the Wall Street Journal said to be smaller.
   In the report mentioned that Apple now has shown the design for the new iPad with the same resolution seeprti iPad 2 to treat approximately 8-inch diagonal screen.
     Apple plans to bring the iPad with a small screen is not a new thing. Because some time ago, Apple was once rumored iPad is planning to create a 7.85-inch with the same resolution as the iPad 2.
    Sources in the Wall Street Journal also confirmed that Apple "working with suppliers to test new designs all the time". So, it could be a plan to develop new iPad was terminated or not continued.
     Well, if Apple will actually bring the iPad with a smaller screen, we wait for its development.

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