The battery external as well as Case By Duracell

Posted by Kresnaep on Thursday, February 9, 2012

     Along with advances in technology gadgets, accessories devices are increasingly evolving to support the move. As it is known that the phone was only used for communication only access but also serves as a portable entertainment media.

       Therefore, the main factors needed to accommodate the needs of the capabilities / battery life. Was advised by his position as a handheld device is the battery capacity is limited, for example, can only survive for 10 hours of usage. Seeing this, the Duracell battery manufacturers try to offer alternative solutions, through an external battery (backup) which also serves as a case (casing / cover). However, for a while only for the iPhone.

       Case multifunctional claim Duracell has a built-in battery with 1300 mAh capacity, which is inserted into the shell. Interestingly, this Duracell cover does not look to add body size iPhone. But the iPhone is claimed to be fitted with the casing still looks good and comfortable grip


         As a finishing material, this case Duracel wearing matte soft touch, which is naturally capable of keeping up appearances to always look clean. Besides the existence of this battery cover also adds other functionality such as the kickstand on the back, to enjoy more video features yahud.

         According to reliable sources, when used for the iPhone 4 proved to double the battery life. Just unfortunate if this unique gadget is not yet available on the market. Price is still a puzzle. But few expect the Duracell case is on sale no more than 60 USD

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