Foursquare Update Application for IOS and Android have been released, Is it true?

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, February 10, 2012

      For those of you who like to eat out, especially in restaurants famous, and often eat showing your current position via social networking foursquare, maybe it will be interesting info.

    Tab "Explore" application in Android and IOS has been updated with a fresh new look, which allows users to quickly find and choose a popular spot on the most popular restaurants other than your current position.

    Foursquare can help you find a place to eat. Even apada latest update also provides a list of menu-owned restaurant / eating places, including details of the list price.

    Such features as a result of cooperation with the firm Single Platform. The company already provides at least 13 million list price of the menu at the restaurant about 250 000. And now all that can be accessed via the application Foursqure latest update.

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