Google Reportedly will Soon Develop a Home Entertainment System is Based Android

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, February 10, 2012

    After successfully bringing Android for mobile devices, Google reportedly will extend the functionality of the operating system to other entertainment devices. What is it? According to information reported by The Wall Street Journal, reported that the Internet giant is developing a home entertainment system.
      The device will be branded Google, and as for the company's first device that has historically developed software, then melisensinya to outside vendors.

      The system developed is most likely based on Android and will allow users to download music and running it to the speakers who created Google or any other web-connected in the home or office. Besides music, this system also allows to stream other digital media.

      The rival, Apple, was reported as long to develop that system, both hardware and software for its products.

With the acquisition of Motorola Mobility which was delayed it, Google touted want to enter a new wave in the hardware sector. Home entertainment solutions company that developed it, could be one of the first device with its own brand to be launched after the purchase has been completed maker Motorola's Android.
      Android-based entertainment devices that proclaim to be available later this year.

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