Nokia Lumia 910, Has Apparently Not True 12 MP Camera.

Posted by Kresnaep on Tuesday, February 7, 2012

     Still remember the rumor some time ago, when the latest Nokia smartphone candidate -Lumia 910 - rumored to be carrying a 12 MP camera? It sounds amazing, but apparently the news is reported is not true.


      Based on official confirmation from Nokia courtier, Damian Dinning, who incidentally served as Chief of the Division of Imaging Experience of the Nokia Smart Devices, said the information was wrong. It is known from Damian Dinning twitter account when answering fans' questions in the social media, in which Damian replied Lumia phone with 12 MP 910 nobody.

     From Twitter chatter again found interesting info such as info-Nokia 900 will use a similar camera's sensor 800 and N9 Lumia ie 8.7 megapixels. Camera sensor is capable of taking photos with a 16:9 ratio sensor. You could say the high-resolution, compared to the conventional version of a 4:3 sensor.

      As a result if the confirmation officers Nokia is correct, then Nokia will need to create another neat innovations to be displayed at the MWC event later. So that its future can shine again, where the product could be more enticing consumers.

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