Playbook 2.0 OS, Very impressive !

Posted by Kresnaep on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

     Remember the BlackBerry Playbook, a tablet PC RIM is presented to be one of the competitors iPad? Well, it turns out an updated version of the tablet, known as its multitasking features that reportedly will be announced soon.

    After Playbook 2.0 OS beta version was introduced in BlackBerry DevCon event in Amsterdam some time ago, a few updates to be offered by this tablet was sticking out in the virtual nature.

   A British technology journalist, Mary Branscombe, said that he was quite impressed with the updates that are offered, such as email, calendar, contacts, remote control, and the Cascades-based user interface and the latest messaging applications. Unfortunately, for BlackBerry Messenger, the RIM reportedly not ready, the new feature is predicted to be seen later this year.

     Branscombe also stated that release schedule Playbook
2.0 OS is in sight. "We also estimate the Playbook OS 2.0 will be out before the Mobile World Congress 2012, so the announcement was not lost in a crowd of other mobile phone news," he said.

      With the various reforms it has to offer, tablet that is now priced £ 169 in England, is said will look more attractive than ever.

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