Samsung Galaxy Beam, Android Smartphone with Pico Projector. Very impressive

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, February 26, 2012

      Previously known that Samsung is preparing to introduce a new tablet is mentioned as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 version 2. And with the advent of tablet leaked photo, it was found Android smartphone with Pico projector facilities.

    Yes, the lapse of 24 hours before the event begins MWC 2012, Samsung has been 'leaked' presence-enabled smart phones Galaxy Beam projector is nicknamed it. Support the specifications seem disappointing, where dibenami dual-core processor 1 GHz and 4-inch AMOLED Super sailing.

    Interestingly, the concept of carrying relatively slim design, with a thickness of 1.25 cm. Carrying capacity of the battery was bigger than most other Android phones that is 2000 mAh. Unfortunately, no information related to the battery resistance when the projector feature is enabled, for presentation purposes for example. Pico projector embedded in the smartphone is claimed to display an image properly to dimension 50 inches.

     There has been no report about the price, as well as schedule availability in the global market. But when you see it supports HSPA data network, most likely smartphone is compatible with all global frequency network. Later Galaxy Beam can be seen directly in the Samsung booth at the Mobile World Congress.

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