Samsung release Galaxy Note of Pink

Posted by Kresnaep on Monday, February 13, 2012

      Initially we thought that the Samsung tablet, Galaxy Note is for a segment of men, the masculine. This is supported by the appearance of design and style smartphone that seem sturdy and elegant.

      However, the prediction turned out wrong, where Samsung intends to add a color choice of phones at once the tablet with berry pink color, which seem feminine.

     Based on information from people in Samsung, Galaxy Note that it would be painted pink edition pink color on both sides, both front and rear. Only, there is no further information about his Pen S, will will follow parent stain.

      Unfortunately, the Galaxy is a new pink version of the Note will be available on the market in late February / early March (week 9 in 2012). As a result apparently can not simply be obtained for a special Valentine gift.

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