Ultrabook Price decline in the Year 2013

Posted by Kresnaep on Thursday, February 16, 2012

   Although the notebook vendors are now being actively issued a series of ultrabook his understanding that the price is the key to driving demand for the device. However, for now it seems to remove policies ultrabook priced in the range of 600-700 USD can not be applied because of the thinness of the benefits to be derived largely ultrabook vendor.

      Ultrabook a set price range 600-700 USD according to DigiTimes quoted a report will be applied to the vendor in 2013.

      According to the sources of supply chains ultrabook indicated that production costs are still rather high, especially the price of the SSD, which is ten times higher than traditional hard drives. As we all know SSDs are one important component that plays a major role ultrabook that the device could come up with a slim design.

      Vendor ultrabook currently seeking to reduce production costs, so that later in the second quarter the price range will reach 799 USD.

     Well, by issuing ultrabook price range like that, it is estimated the benefits of the vendors will shrink significantly. That means, the vendor must continue to drive sales volume for the device can still taste the expected profit

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