BlackBerry 10 will have Personal Assistant features similar to Siri, amazing

Posted by Kresnaep on Monday, July 23, 2012

     Some time ago, Siri is one neat feature that Apple introduced the first time in its flagship smartphone the iPhone 4S. The presence of feature-based personal assistant that voice commands are very attention. do not be surprised if bberapa other smartphone vendors also follow Apple to bring the features that made ​​by Apple, One of them is a Samsung S-Voice features on the Galaxy S III.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
     As the features of Apple's personal assistant, reportedly one of the vendors on board the BlackBerry smartphone will make a breakthrough similar to what is done by Apple. In the news media say that the vendor of the most industrious to have features similar to Apple is RIM's BlackBerry phones pembesut.

       As reported by one of the trusted media, stated that the RIM
BlackBerry 10 that will issue  but will have a virtual keyboard will also have a great voice command feature. It is known that after the update session BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha  devices, developers have found a voice-based sustim that sounded very similar to Siri.

       In fact, a woman's voice is heard in the voice commands on the BlackBerry 10, is said to sound exactly like the Siri. This is another issue that reveals the personal assistant feature on the BlackBerry
10 device  to the developer is supported by Nuance, which is the same company behind Siri personal assistant feature on the iPhone 4S.

       For now, the service is still not working properly. Mekipun so, the expected features of a personal assistant that will shine when the BlackBerry
10 smartphone was released later, namely in Q1 2013.

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