Game Tom Hanks 'Electric City' is available for IOS and Android

Posted by Kresnaep on Thursday, July 19, 2012

      Jump Games in collaboration with Playtone finally launched an official mobile app for multi-dimensional animated series, Tom Hanks (Electric City). This game will be made in order to run the IOS and Android devices. This application comes with all ranks of the episodes are available, from sci-fi adventure series, the original RPG and of digital comics, which tells about the founding of Electric City. Includes background and some other exclusive .

       This game will tell the world dystopia, an imaginary world in a critical living conditions, which is an electric city that stands as a symbol of peace and security. In it there are many global issues like energy consumption, freedom of information, crime and criminal as well as many others.

      The game is made ​​with high quality HD graphics power. Many mysteries to be solved, with a decent story to follow weight. Want to taste this game, please access here and here for the Android. And at this address for the IOS device users.

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