Samsung will realize the Smartphone with the Flexible Display of the Year

Posted by Kresnaep on Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Remember the last April, which is a leading manufacturer Samsung officially introduced the innovation of a flexible display. Samsung itself dubbed as the result of this innovation YOUM.

      More recently, Samsung reportedly will begin to realize the flexible AMOLED display. As quoted from one of the trusted media, Samsung will reportedly begin producing AMOLED screen in this quarter.

     In accordance with the information obtained, that reportedly display panel is thinner than the current panel, size of the display panel even this is only about 0.6 mm. While the current panel has three times the thickness of the AMOLED screen which ranges from 1.8 mm.

      According to reports, the flexible display will be protected by a non-flexible glass layer of flexible plastic is not required when used in flexible devices.

      Samsung is rumored to have plans to release a new device with a flexible AMOLED screen ultra-thin by the end of this year. However, large-scale production of the flexible display panel will begin conducted in 2014. Knowing that Samsung would be producing a flexible display, the display panel manufacturers in Taiwan will reportedly follow the screen with Samsung to develop the same capabilities.

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