Analyses of the resignation of Steve Jobs will benefit the competitors iPhone and iPad

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, August 28, 2011

     This time it came the shocking news about the resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO, this is very surprising benyak party and a subject of much media featured in cyberspace. With this analysis appears related to the competition which would occur in the realm of smartphones and tablet PCs. After news of the announcement of Apple CEO retreat, the media virtual world filled with too much news about the decline of Apple boss and interesting to observe.

     An analyst from Nomura International Plc. technology, Richard Windsor, revealed that the resignation of CEO Steve Jobs as Apple will benefit the competitors iPhone and iPad. "It will give its competitors a little chance to get out and compete harder," says Richard. According to the analyst also said after the announcement back Steve Jobs, noting that Sony and Nokia share price soared.

     Related to that, an analyst at Korea Investment Management Co. funds, Lee Young Seog, said if the new management team did not maintain the level of innovation that pioneered Steve Jobs, it will be an opportunity for competition in the long run.

    "However, because of Tim Cook and competence in Apple's system, the competitive landscape is unlikely to change anytime soon." Lee Young said.

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