Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook: Apple was not changed.

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, August 28, 2011

     After the news of resignation from Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday August 27, Apple now has a new CEO. Tim Cook who is currently the CEO of Apple replacing Steve Jobs, has reportedly sent his first memo addressed to staff at Apple. In the memo he said that "Apple is not going to change '. An argument that would provide more value since the resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO.

     After praising the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook gave Apple's argument to convince staff that the company will remain loyal to the company and culture that have been built by Steve Jobs.Tim Cook said that Apple would not change despite changes in leadership. As we know, Tim Cook has now officially become the successor to Steve Jobs as Apple CEO.

   Post-resignation as Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Apple's stock reportedly declined. It is becoming a competitor advantage iPhone and iPad. Even so, Steve Jobs and company has left a legacy to a safe pair of hands, ie a Tim Cook. The news we get through Tim Cook memo circulating in cyberspace.

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