Three mobile phone manufacturers suppliers for Retina display iPad 3

Posted by Kresnaep on Thursday, August 25, 2011

       Several mobile phone manufacturers will supply the retina are now crowded display for iPad 3 of them are LG, Samsung, and Sharp. LG and Samsung which are two suppliers of Korean origin which had been rumored going to be a supplier of display Retina iPad 3 in mid July.

   According to recent reports DigiTimes site reported that Apple was considering an investment of 1 billion dollars on a new Sharp plant that will be used to provide screens for his products, such as the iPhone and iPad
Investment of this magnitude shows the seriousness of Apple in favor of Sharp's new factory in the production of screens for his product

       For the moment we got the news that LG will be the largest LCD supplier for the iPad 3, which is then followed by Samsung. while the Sharp itself according to DigiTimes sources will soon melamapaui one company from South Korea, and will become the second largest supplier of display panels for the iPad 3. Associated with the production when iPad 3, based on the latest reports say that the iPad 3 will begin to enter production phase in September with the launch expected in early 2012. We just wait presence.

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