Amazing Android Smartphone by Casio, labeled G-Shock

Posted by Kresnaep on Thursday, January 26, 2012

smartphones Casio G-Shock
     In an era when technology like this, smartphone manufacturers are now increasingly competing with each other to get satisfaction for consumers. No exception Casio, which is currently introducing the Android-based smartphone labeled G-Shock.

       As we know, G-Shock brand better known as the product of watches, which are designed to be dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant. Well, as well as cell phone filmed Casio G-Shock, which is positioned as a mobile outdoor.


       Previous Casio ever made ​​this kind of tough phone, call G'zOne. And, a little different with these seniors, smartphones Casio G-Shock models appearing dressed G-Shock watches are already popular, which put the buttons and control panels at the sides and corners of the body. To screen protected by a frame (frame) is quite thick, which will protect it from damage when accidentally dropped.


       The back of the phone body G-Shock looks interesting, which is closed by a stylish metal cover, which is locked with extra strong solid screw. Even at the rear casing Casio carve emergency number, which can help users experience a condition of 'exceptional'.


       And as already described above, the G-Shock Android phone comes with more durability and toughness, which bear an impact (height 3.05m), up to 1 ton of pressure resistant, water repellent pressure (1 bar). Unfortunately, to date detailed specifications of the mobile G-Shock has not been informed. Including Android version is used, although predictable carrying Gingerbread.

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