Xbox Live will be available for IOS and Android

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, January 27, 2012


     Microsoft reportedly plans to bring the game to Xbox Live to other platforms besides Windows Phone. According to sources obtained from Microsoft itself says that Xbox Live will always run up on the Windows platform. However, it is not possible audience of Xbox Live will use devices other than Windows. Therefore, Microsoft is preparing for expansion of the Xbox to another platform.
     Sure, the source of the statement is not explicitly described other types of platforms that will be worked to be compatible with Xbox Live. But if you see a football exploits mobile patform current (market share), it's likely that Android and IOS.
      Rumors of Xbox Live will be no longer exclusive to Windows mobile phone burst in early January, when the Live Side and Business Insider reported a project developer for IOS and Android. Is to bring the latest and most popular games for mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, IOS and other platforms.
     When asked would bring the Xbox Live experience on Windows phones similar to other platforms like Android and IOS, Microsoft kept his mouth shut. And, said it would focus on providing the best mobile Xbox Live experience to its customers, regardless of the platform.  For applications even Microsoft seems to want to always compete, which last month launched Kinectimals known for IOS (iPad and iPhone), ie applications that can enable the phone to collaborate with the Xbox 360 in enjoying the game. Well after this of course raises the question: would Micrsoft will someday allow Kinect technology running on the phone and tablet?
     Regarding the above, until now there has been no official statement from Microsoft. But can play Xbox Live games on mobile phones of course be a plus really expected.

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