Notebook Windows 8 using technology Kinect.

Posted by Kresnaep on Monday, January 30, 2012

     Asus is reportedly working on a notebook Windows 8 which will be equipped with motion sensor technology, known as the creation of Microsoft's Kinect. According to a report released in The Daily, said that it had seen two prototype notebook (tech Kinect) differs apparently made ​​by the Taiwanese vendors.

     According to sources The Daily, Kinect sensor placed at the spot where the camera notebooks usually are, while a set of LEDs located at the bottom of the screen. The second prototype was said to have confirmed Microsoft as a prototype notebook with Kinect technology.

      By pinning the motion sensor technology called Kinect it, allowing notebook users to interact with Windows 8 or playing games using motion control, as can be done Kinect Xbox 360 users at this time. Unfortunately, not yet known when the notebook with Kinect technology will be released to the market. So, we wait for its development

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