Samsung S8500 Wave will use Bada Platform 2.0

Posted by Kresnaep on Monday, January 30, 2012

     Bada platform is Samsung's proprietary ecosystem, which can be viewed as an initial step to get into the business of mobile platforms. As we all know Samsung has collaborated with Intel through Tizen (substitute MeeGo), the future will be merged with Bada.

      One of the Bada-based phone Samsung S8500 Wave. According to the news, this phone is ready to receive updates Bada 2.0. It is not official information published by the Samsung. Schedule its presence in global markets has been no statement. However, certainly no longer.

      To check availability of Bada 2.0, for users of the Samsung S8500 Wave can perform a few simple steps. First connect the phone to a computer, then run the software Samsung Kies. When detected already exists, follow these steps to back up data and to flash it to your mobile phone S8500 Wave. If you want a fast and practical way, may be done by fetching the Bada 2.0 ROM, then flashing their own action. Would require its own expertise.

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