HTC Sensation XE, Which is Very Admirable Superphone

Posted by Kresnaep on Saturday, February 18, 2012

      Perfect as the first dual-core superphone, Sensation, HTC brings Sensation XE. At this superphone HTC increases up to 25% clockspeed of the processor that automatically makes Sensation superphone XE as one of the best current processor. Not only that, Superphone this is the first product of a collaboration with HTC Beats Audio, a premium brand audio device that was developed by musicians as well as renowned hip hop producer Dr. Dre.
Design Dimensions: 12.61 x 6:54 x 1:13 cm, 151 grams; full touchscreen; metal materials, plastic and glass gorilla; 3.5 mm audio port, the power / lock, microUSB port, volume rocker (around phones from the top). 4 capacitive buttons below the screen (home, menu, back and search) 

        HTC has always displays an elegant design on each device makes. Sensation XE has the exact same formation with the HTC Sensation, but it proved just a little extra accents can add charm to the design of a mobile phone. Sensation on the XE, HTC added red accents on earpieces, capacitive button, the lens periphery, and audio beats logo on the phone so it adds a backdoor premium on this phone.
     Backdoor phones connect to the side and some of the front side, so that when the battery cover is removed the phone will only leave the gorilla glass-covered display. HTC Sensation XE also put antenna on the back cover so that the phone will lose signal and wifi phone when back cover is removed.

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