Recording Video Camera Has Outstanding Advance Galaxy S

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samsung galaxy s advance
       Since many of the officially announced already curious about the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, in particular performance features. For example, a camera, who mentioned having a resolution of 5 MP camera, with the ability to record 720p video.

     Often we claim, the record of a camera phone just by looking at data speknya, without trying the real world. And often the results of our prediction is wrong, in contrast to earlier claims.

      For the latest Samsung Android smartphone, Galaxy S Advance is known to have leaked the video appears. Impressive video footage, which looks smooth and detailed. Footage looks almost without artifacts and sensor performance was good and dynamic, which results clearly show the difference as both dark and light conditions. The audio quality of the tape sounded natural and clear, though monophonic.

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