LG P698 Optimus Dual Net, Gingerbread First With Dual SIM

Posted by Kresnaep on Friday, February 10, 2012

    Remain consistent in developing updated communications devices, LG is known for regularly packed mobile phone with dual SIM facility, now deliver added value that has not had the phone in its class. Which combines the dual SIM facility with the android OS. Actually it to be another reference for those who may say 'wait' for the facilities offered. So, as a pioneer dual SIM with OS outsource, what other things that the Korean manufacturer to offer this?

Design LG P698 Optimus Dual Net

Candybar, touchscreen, push button, solid, ergonomic

      In the visible form of the LG P698 Optimus Design Net Dual glance almost the same as the character most smartphones. Namely, the dominance of the touch screen in combination with the navigation bar. Not only that its design is almost no point also includes a switch (- / +) and key lock / power. As the physical access provided micro USB slot and 3.5 mm audio jack. Unfortunately, the ease of access range was not supported by the presence of hotswap, and did not seem too support the physical LEDs on the back of the support side of the camera.

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