New color variations of Nokia Lumia 800

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, February 12, 2012

     For the first phase is present with Lumia 800 offers a choice of attractive colors such as black, cyan, and magenta.

     More recently, Windows mobile Nokia's first phone is also rumored to have come up with new colors, namely white. Well, the four colors was pulling it apart, most likely Lumia 800 likely still be present with the other color options.

     Through video show featuring Bluetooth headset Nokia Luna, revealed an indication of another color variant of Lumia 800. Pocketnow sources on the site, stating that in the demo video revealed two additional colors, namely red and green.

      Lumia is not clear whether 800 is going to come up with two new color options. Because the two additional colors to the smartphone until now has not received official confirmation from Nokia's own party. So, we wait for the certainty of its development.

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