Rear Cover Sony Xperia U, Might like this?

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, February 12, 2012

     A number of images that show the back cover smartphone Sony (Ericsson) again emerged in the virtual nature. If judging carefully the image which was just a cover of the back of the phone it seems to bring the iconic identity Xperia S.

       Lately, there are a few smartphones that Sony has not officially disclosed, but has been pushed in the virtual nature in the form of rumors, like the Xperia U (ST25i 'Kumquat') and MT27i Pepper. Sources at the site xperiablog said that when viewed from the location of the speakers, the back cover does not seem to fit with the image of MT27i Pepper ever leaked some time ago.

As a result, the source speculated if it was finally back cover images is likely to belong to Xperia U  aka ST25i Kumquat or it could be the property of other Xperia model.

       From the picture presented is not much that can be revealed, we can only look at the top of the headphone jack, volume and power buttons on the side along with the camera shutter button.

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