Nokia will Announces 6 New Mobile Phone at the MWC Event, Want to Know All Six of these Phone ?

Posted by Kresnaep on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Grand event Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona later this month seems to be an important moment for the Nokia. How could I not, after the old Finnish vendor slumped this looks like to get up, taking advantage of the cellular industry prestigious event.

     Based on the grapevine news, Nokia mentioned will announce 6 new mobile phone, smartphone model that is 3 and 3 types of featurephone (S40 phones). No details yet linked only phones that will be the introduction of the name later, but Lumia 900 and Windows smart phones to low-end level, Lumia 610 chances in the list.

    The audience is expecting a camera phone if Nokia 803 PureView said on the show. Yes, it is predicted smartphone as a successor to the Nokia N8, which is mentioned as the best camera-equipped smart phones to date. Although not yet update the operating system, Nokia is Belle.

     Then some other rumored phone will be introduced at a press conference participate on February 27 later the S40 phones like the Asha
302, Asha 203 and 202. For the model Asha 302 has appeared products leaked photo, which looks similar to Nokia C3.

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