OS Vita will be exported to Smartphone and Tablet Sony-made, really?

Posted by Kresnaep on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playstation Vita
       Playstation Vita can be regarded as one console game that attracted the attention of gamers. And, Vita noted to have a unique operating system, which contrasts with Sony's previous console game plots.

     But Have to think that the OS on the Playstation Vita can be applied to other devices? It turned out that the Sony had the idea, which the Japanese vendor has a discourse to infuse into the Vita OS smartphones and tablets. Indeed, the previous operating system has been designed by Sony to be upgraded and can be used on any smartphone or tablet device.

      Indeed, the idea of ​​exporting the Vita OS to other platforms are still very far ahead. But it appears it can be done right. In fact, Sony is currently working to import the application is for a smart phone to PS Vita.

      Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony, said that the OS Vita would create the appearance of the future for Sony mobile phones and tablets. In addition, Hirai also said that he did not want to know the extent of the later OS Vita as a gaming platform, but also as a platform with the potential to be a powerful mobile OS.

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