OS X Mountain Lion, which resembles Apple's Newest Feature IOS

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, February 19, 2012

    Apple recently announced the updated Mac OS X, known as the Mountain Lion. Like the Snow Leopard and Leopard, Mountain Lion version is not seen as a new OS, but rather as a reformer of the existing OS X Lion now. Mountain Lion was the only given a few features of the IOS in an attempt to combine / collaborate on all Apple devices in a single ecosystem.

   The composition is a combination of the latest features of the IOS and OS X, where the "Lion Mountain" would have inspired many capabilities of the iPhone and the iPad such as Game Center, Center Notification and Reminder. In addition to the OS X version of the Mountain Lion will get the other innovations such as high resolution, galaxy-themed wallpaper and new Messages app for OS X Lion.

    Unfortunately, the Mountain Lion (possibly 8.10) is slightly different compatibility with OS X Lion, which is for Mac owners must upgrade the old version devices. Mountain Lion OS X does not support the Mac with the old school machines

Here's a list of Mac machines that do not support the Mountain Lion:

MacBook with Intel Core-2 Duo late 2007 - late 2008 (Model Number: MB061 * / B, MB062 * / B, MB063 * / B, MB402 * / A MB403 * / A MB404 * / A, MB402 * / B)
Mac Mini mid-2007 (Model Numbers: MB138 * / A, MB139 * / A
Polycarbonate-end iMac 2006 (Model Number: MA710xx / A)
MacBook Air-original (first generation), which releases early 2008 (Model Number: MB003LL / A)

     The possibility of the price offered for the software update Mountain Lion about 30 USD in the App Store. This figure is relatively the same as the offer of OS X Lion. So if you do require OS X Mountain Lion in your work, it is appropriate that you update your Mac OS software. But if you do not need too, nothing wrong with using his version of the Lion, since to date there are still many who use Windows XP, Vista, OS X Tiger, OS X Leopard and others.

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