Plants vs Zombies, which is Present in the New Game Playbook

Posted by Kresnaep on Sunday, February 19, 2012

     After success on multiple platforms, PopCap Games has recently announced the availability of Plants vs. Zombies game for the BlackBerry Playbook. As is known, popular games previously listed in the IOS and the Android platform.

      According to the EA website, the RIM informed that Game Plants vs. Zombies is now available in Blackberry App World, with the official 6.99 USD In the tablet version of the Playbook, Plants vs. Zombies game looks no different from those in the PC platform. Consists of 50 levels, which can later be played back if it was finished (replayable). Also, the available mini-game mode.

      In this game the player is directed to maintain his house from the zombies attack, using weapons of planted crops such as peashooters, cherry bombs, and wall-Nuts to stop the zombie attacks. In fact, also provided some of the weapons plants or flowers, which can slow the movement, causing confusion and weaken the effect of the defense of the Zombie. Certainly the players are challenged to think quickly in implementing the most effective strategy to win the game.

       For information, Plants vs. Zombies game slide for the first time Microsoft Windows platforms and Mac OS X on May 5, 2009. Then for the IOS version was launched in February 2010, as well as Xbox Live Arcade version presented on 8 September 2010.

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