Nokia says that mobile phone with big screen is a stupid thing, really?

Posted by Kresnaep on Saturday, March 3, 2012

     Smartphone with extra-large screen size it seems to be a distinct trend lately. It was not separated from the many vendors who have served on several large-screen smartphone.

     Interestingly, the phenomenon of extra-large screen smartphone with angled precisely addressed by Nokia, through one of his top brass, Niklas Savander. Savander said that a time will come a time when consumers realize that having a phone with big screen is really stupid.

   When that happens, Savander did not mention it for sure, obviously she felt that technological advances can be achieved, not just make the screen bigger.

    "It's hard to say when it will happen, but progress should be linked dengap what new technologies we can create, not just about making the screen bigger." Savander said.
     Nokia so far have not followed the trend of the screen size that occurred in the United States. Call it Lumia 900 that comes with a relatively small screen (4.3 inches), rather than a rival that comes with the extra screen Besari treats ranging from 4.6, 4.7. 5, even a 5.3-inch.

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